FENG ZHI DUI - “INVINCIBLE” - is your top drawer security consutant team in Greater China.

Southern Cross Zhong Jing Security Partnership

About us

FENG ZHI DUI’s precepts: customer oriented service, spectacular outcomes, and continuous improvement in your company’s security.

Starting with the leading veterans of China’s elite Central Security Bureau and Ministry of Public Security, we have built a team of savvy professionals with expertise in all ranges of the security industry.

Core competencies

The four central services:
NO.1 - Customized Risk assessment solutions for small large and medium enterprises
NO.2- Physical security and security guard services
NO.3 - Due Diligence and background checks
NO.4 - Quality Management Systems and ISO compliance

  • Customized risk assessment solutions

    physical security risks

    Information and Data Security Risks

    Health and occupational health and safety risks

    Loss prevention and inventory shrinkage

  • Physical security and security guard services

    Executive protection services including car and driver

    Professional security guard solutions for small, medium, or large enterprises

    Differing levels of security, from sales offices, factories and production facilities to high security facilities dealing with technological prototypes and intrinsic value objects.

    Comprehensive assessments of current security situation

    Experienced undercover operatives who can identify sources of inventory shrinkage

  • Due diligence and background checks

    Due diligence of potential joint venture partners, vendors and customers

    Vetting of new - as well as existing - employee academic credentials and job references

    Screening for criminal and civil litigation of new and existing staff

    Asset searches

  • Quality Management Systems and ISO compliance

    Review of current ISO Policies

    ISO Implementation for the following areas :
    ISO 900 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14000 Environmental Management, ISO 31000 Risk Management, ISO 27001 Information Security Management, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety, ISO 37001 anti bribery management systems

Contact us

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Mailbox: fengzongdui@126.com
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